Lupita's place is a story about her origins, her passion for homemade food and for bringing families and friends around a good meal. Founded in 1993 in the Arden and Eastern area and then moved to Orangevale on October 19, 1996, Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant is one of those places that still preserves the authenticity and original savor of Mexican food.

Lupe is originally from Aguililla, Michoacan, Mexico, which is where she gets her cooking skills from and where she inherited the tradition of cooking wholesome meals, in a manner specific to that region. Today, she is still holding on to simple and delicious ingredients and that is why her every dish is cooked from scratch.

Every decoration in her restaurant is something she collected along her journey through life: the memories of places, emotions and people all come together there. Lupita’s dedication to cooks healthy, scrumptious dishes has led to her restaurant becoming a place not only for food, but also for the soul.

More than food, a place to create memories

Think of your family and friends, and how often you had great times with them around a table, having a great meal. That is what you can find at Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant: the occasion to create memories, to dine together, to talk, to smile, to share great food.

Following her true spirit and tradition, Lupita knows that mealtime is very important in the Mexican culture, a time dedicated to the enjoyment of food and family. This is what she can help us remember and this is what she wants to share with us. Take your time, savor your food, enjoy some peace of mind and spend cheerful moments with your loved ones.

The food and dining experience at Lupita’s have been, for good reason, praised by local, state, and national critics. Many loyal customers have dined at Lupita’s regularly for fifteen or more years. Some of Lupe’s children work at the restaurant and take on Lupe’s traditions in quality of service, warm spirits and that great authentic family business feeling.

Sabor, pasion y corazon – el mejor del gusto de la comida mexicana.