Food appeals to our most personal senses. It triggers memories, emotions; it opens our minds to new experiences. Do you remember the last time you sat around a table with family and friends? Wouldn’t you like to do it more often? We may just have the place for you…

Mealtime is very important in the Mexican culture: it is a time dedicated to the enjoyment of food and family. It is a spiritual experience and an occasion to laugh, share and savor authentic cooking.

Lupita’s authentic Mexican food comes from Aguililla, Michoacan, Mexico where some of the best tacos, burritos and best enchiladas are made. Lupita’s dedication to quality, flavor and freshness means you will also find healthy Mexican food choices in her restaurant, in a varied Mexican restaurant menu, where everything is cooked from scratch.

Come enjoy some good Mexican food with your family and friends, while Lupita and her family cook for you the best Mexican meal you’ve ever had!

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Fun facts about Mexican Food: